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EMBRATUR will release a term for promoting Brazilian Junina parties abroad

Advertising interventions are part of strategy to publicise popular parties in the country, making the most of the visibility provided by the World Cup Turning the June folk parties into a Brazilian cultural icon abroad is the new challenge being faced by the Brazilian Tourism Agency (EMBRATUR) in the next few months. EMBRATUR is developing interventions together with states in Brazil´s northern and northeast regions, where these parties are a tradition and attract a lot of tourists. One of them will be the terms for bidding, worth R$ 3 million, which should be ready in September, when states and municipalities will be able to submit projects aimed at publicising the parties. In 2014, these parties will be held at the same time as the 2014 World Cup. “We need to provide the world with an additional image of Brazil in relation to the June parties. We want foreign tourists to associate Brazil to these parties also, as they do with carnival", stated EMBRATUR president Flavio Dino. "We want to turn these June parties into a strong and consolidated tourist product. We are going to play host to around 600 thousand foreign tourists, who will visit the country as a result of the World Cup. We have to make the most of this moment to strengthen Brazilian tourist culture and products”, stated the head of EMBRATUR Executive Office, Katia Bitencourt. Katia also explained that the intervention will also promote other parties normally held in June, such as the Parintins Festival. “We don’t want to restrict ourselves to the São João parties by encompassing all cultural celebrations held in the country at that time". EMBRATUR is also developing a set of marketing, digital communication interventions, press trips and is aiming to take part in international trade shows to promote the parties. Last June, EMBRATUR brought journalists from South America, Europe and the United States to these parties in north and northeast regions. In addition, campaigns were conducted on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, encouraging those going to the parties to publish their pictures and impressions about them.

(Adapted from :http://www.copa2014.gov.br/en/noticia/embratur-will-release-a-terms-bidding-promotingbrazilian-junina-parties-abroad).

De acordo com o texto, qual é o novo desafio enfrentado pela EMBRATUR?






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