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São Paulo UNIFESP 2005.2 Questão: 46 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 

INSTRUÇÃO: As questões de números 43 a 50 referem-se ao texto seguinte.

Linking of cloning issues
Why are the UN and the US Congress unable to pass a ban on human reproductive cloning? Because this type of cloning is linked to another procedure – development of stem-cell lines through SCNT (Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer), sometimes called cloning for research or therapeutic cloning. Although the two processes are related, they are also distinct in their goals and their research methods. When they are regarded as a unit for reasons of legislation two policies are possible: prohibit both reproductive cloning and cloning for research; or ban reproductive cloning and establish conditions under which cloning research is permitted. For individuals who support cloning for research, the first option is unacceptable; for most people who oppose such research, the second option is unacceptable because of its tacit approval of research cloning. Since the world is deeply divided along these lines, legislation might not be possible.
A third option, however, entails not linking the two cloning practices. Since there is essentially universal agreement that reproductive cloning should be prohibited, the link must be broken to avoid a continuing impasse. In view of the importance of reining in rogue scientists, who currently can move from one country to another to find hospitality for their work, and of setting to rest the unrealistic hopes of potential parents who are encouraged by these pseudoscientists, an international ban is needed.

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