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São Paulo UNIFESP 2004.2 Questão: 49 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 

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Child Survival Series
Applying an equity lens to child health and mortality: more of the same is not enough

Gaps in child mortality between rich and poor countries are unacceptably wide and in some areas are becoming wider, as are the gaps between wealthy and poor children within most countries. Poor children are more likely than their better-off peers to be exposed to health risks, and they have less resistance to disease because of undernutrition and other hazards typical in poor communities. These inequities are compounded by reduced access to preventive and curative interventions. Even public subsidies for health frequently benefit rich people more than poor people. Experience and evidence about how to reach poor populations are growing, albeit largely through small-scale case studies. Successful approaches include those that improve geographic access to health interventions in poor communities, subsidized health care and health inputs, and social marketing.

Cesar G Victora, Adam Wagstaff, Joanna Armstrong Schellenberg, Davidson Gwatkin, Mariam Claeson, Jean-Pierre Habicht. Fonte: The Lancet, vol. 362, number 9381, July 19, 2003.

In the sentence Poor children are more likely than their better-off peers to be exposed to health risks ..., the expression are more likely means, in Portuguese,



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