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São Paulo UNICAMP 2000.2 Questão: 69 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 

A great fear came over the poor boy. Lonely as his life had been, he had never known what it was to be absolutely alone. A kind of despair seized him – no violent anger or terror, but a sort of patient desolation.
“What in the world am I to do?” thought he, and sat down in the middle of the floor, half inclined to believe that it would be better to give up entirely, lay himself down, and die.
This feeling, however, did not last long, for he was young and strong, and, I said before, by nature a very courageous boy. There came into his head, somehow or other, a proverb that his nurse had taught him – the people of Nomansland were very fond of proverbs –

For every evil under the sun
There is a remedy, or there's none;
If there is one, try to find it-
If there isn't, never mind it.

“I wonder – is there a remedy now, and could I find it?” cried the Prince, jumping up and looking out of the window.

Explique como ele chega a mudar de idéia.



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