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São Paulo UNICAMP 1998.2 Questão: 7 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 

ASIDELIGHT on urban violence in the US could also be showing up a similar situation in some parts of the UK. A doctor in Arkansas has pointed out that the rise of street gangs is affecting preventive medicine for elderly people. He mentioned two patients of his, both in their early 60s, one with hypertension and the other with diabetes. Both took regular walks of a mile or two several times a week, but they have become too frightened of street gangs to go out.
Their walks ceased several months ago. Consequently both had gained about 10 pounds in weight, not a good thing for either condition. So street gangs, apart from the obvious damage they can cause, might also be worsening cardiovascular disease and diabetes in the elderly. I do not know whether anyone has noticed gains in weight for the same reason among elderly patients in some parts of London, for example.
Bill Tidy
(New Scientist 28 September 1991)

De que maneira a violência urbana pode estar afetando a saúde de pessoas idosas?



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