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Gattaca Review
by James Brundage
(January 15th, 1999)
Gattaca is a character drama in the guise of a thriller, the same way that The Truman Show
was a drama in the guise of a comedy. Andrew Niccol works his beautiful charms with both of
them. In Gattaca, he offers us a stunning vision of the not-so-distant future, a time where genetic
engineering is so commonplace that it is common practice. The world, of course, has the drawback
that anyone who was not genetically engineered is part of a new class of society, called an invalid.
Vincent Freeman was born this way. He chooses, however, not to remain an invalid but to
become what is known as a de-generate, someone who uses other people’s blood, urine, hair etc.
to fake a genetic code superior to their own. His dream was to end up in space and being this
particularly loathed thing is the only way he is able to do it. Lending his dream to the real Gerome
Morrow, a suicidal cripple, the two band together to get him into space. Everything is going well,
he is set to leave in a week. Then the mission director is murdered.
This occurs, in my opinion, only to keep less intelligent viewers interested in the story, which contains enough pathos to warrant me watching it if it didn’t involve a murder at all. As Vincent tries to keep his secret, he is falling in love with Irene Cassini, another worker at Gattaca, the story’s equivalent of Cape Canaveral. The panic caused by the moment causes each person involved to examine themselves, society, and the state of the world.
The sad thing about Gattaca is that so many people will hate this movie because of its utterly slow pace. It does not keep the interest of someone not intrigued by people, which encompasses most every viewer today. So that takes out studio fans, and its Star Trek target audience.
(www.killermovies.com. Adaptado.)

Segundo a crítica, por que o diretor da missão espacial foi assassinado? Havia realmente necessidade de esse fato ocorrer?



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