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São Paulo UNESP 2011.1 Questão: 35 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 

Trecho de uma entrevista com Omen, um conhecido grafiteiro residente da cidade de Montreal, no Canadá.

Interviewer: Who are you and what are you doing later today?
Omen: Erm… I write OMEN and I don’t know what I am going to do today. The weather seems to be my only enemy these days.
Interviewer: When’s the last time you painted?
Omen: I painted the other day at a school in Point St-Charles. Options 2 it’s called. It’s a school for children that need special guidance. Their lives have been messed up by drugs and guns and all that stuff. I was there to show them fundamentals of Graff like can control and what tips to use. It was pretty cool.
Interviewer: What’s your favorite medium?
Omen: Well, to paint with? I love aerosol. Love it. There is nothing more demanding and yet forgiving as far as mediums. The dry time, the size, the variety, the randomness, it’s all gold. I mean you can bust a huge piece and then say, “nahhh.” and take it out in less than a minute and start again cuz it will already be dry. A real medium of the future.
Interviewer: What do you think is the importance of architecture in everyday life and does graffiti influence architecture in any way?
Omen: Architecture is an awesome field of study and it greatly influenced my life for many years. The reality of it is that it is an insulated discussion between architect and city and/or Private developer. The public rarely has a say in matters. This is unfortunate because it is the public that will be forced to look at the unchanging design of an architect for the duration of our lifetimes and if it is unappealing one; then that is a real tragedy.
(www.yveslaroche.com/en/news. Adaptado.)

Que tipo de escola Omen declarou na entrevista que grafitou recentemente e o que ele relatou sobre os alunos dessa escola?



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