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São Paulo UNESP 2009.1 1ª Fase Questão: 76 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 

Brazilian ethanol is not causing deforestation Ethanol production in Brazil is not causing deforestation in the Amazon region, says Peter Zuurbier, Associate Professor and Director of the Latin America Office of Wageningen University, the world’s leading center of expertise on tropical agriculture. According to him, the notion often held by NGO’s that sugarcane is displacing cattle and soybean production into the Amazon is inaccurate. “The real problem lies in illegal deforestation and lack of property rights, as around 50 percent of the Amazon region has disputed titles and this is an invitation for timber companies,” he says. Prof. Zuurbier tries to explain a dynamic process between illegal activities in the Amazon rainforest and the expansion of agricultural lands towards that region. NGO’s often state that sugarcane production is displacing cattle and soybean production towards and into the Amazon, burning down the area to make it suitable for agriculture and pastures. According to Zuurbier, however, the process is slightly different. “Well organized groups and corporations with questionable land titles, but also official land owners began to chop down large acreages of forest to trade timber, both legally and illegally,” he says. “Usually, after the empty strips of land were abandoned, cattle owners would move into these cheap lands. However, after 3 to 4 years of cattle breeding, the thin soil of the Amazon is completely useless without any form of fertilization and livestock owners usually move into the next abandoned area. Soybean farmers meanwhile replace the livestock in these areas, recognizing the opportunity to fertilize the area for soybean production.” Prof. Zuurbier says the cause of deforestation and agricultural production in or near the Amazon, is simply illegal deforestation itself. According to him, the fact that Brazil still has questionable land titles, no set-aside policy and great difficulty to enforce existing laws to counter illegal timber trade, are the real reasons why the Amazon rainforest is in danger. (Ethanol Statistics - January 21st 2008, http://www.sucre-ethique.org/ Wageningen-expert-Brazilian) Indique a alternativa que completa a sentença: Prof. Zuurbier ................ the cause of deforestation and agricultural production ................ simply illegal deforestation ................ .



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