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Common Questions What is The Rainforest Site? The Rainforest Site is an online activism site that offers simple ways to help in the fight against the destruction of our rainforests. Clicking is Free In just a few seconds each day, visitors can click on the green “Preserve Endangered Land” button on the home page and, at no cost to them, help preserve rainforest land worldwide. Preservation of habitat is paid for by The Rainforest Site’s sponsors and accomplished by The Nature Conservancy, The Rainforest Conservation Fund, The World Parks Endowment, and The Friends of Calakmul. These organizations work to preserve rainforest land in Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay and other locations worldwide. 100% of sponsor advertising fees goes to our charitable partners. The Rainforest Site was founded in May of 2000. To date, more than 153 million visitors have clicked to save more than 40,500 acres of habitat (that’s more than 1,767 million square feet of land!) via a simple and free daily click. 1. How does the site work? 2. Who pays for protecting rainforests? 3. How do you calculate the amount of rainforest protected by visitors’ clicks? 4. How often can I click on the “Preserve Endangered Land” button? Can I just keep clicking and save thousands of square feet of rainforest at once? 5. How much rainforest habitat has been saved? Where is this land located? 6. Is The Rainforest Site a nonprofit organization? 7. What is The Rainforest Site’s privacy policy? 8. How can I help The Rainforest Site find sponsors? (www.therainforestsite.com) De acordo com o texto, o site em questão



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