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Doughnuts in the Dark New treatments offer hope for night eating disorders By Anne Underwood Shelly's Snack Shop was the name that Brian Egemo of Badger, Iowa, applied to his wife's side of the bed. In 1994, Shelly, who had been a sleepwalker as a child, began sleepwalking again. But this time, her nightly rambles took her to the kitchen for cookies, candy and potato chips, which she would bring back to bed and devour while still asleep. "In the morning, there would be frosting in my hair and M&M's stuck to my husband's back," she says. Worse yet, she woke up feeling exhausted and sick from all the junk food. After years of this "sleep eating," her nerves were so jangled that she became unglued at the slightest upset. "Someone would knock over the salt shaker and I’d go into orbit," she says. It wasn't until 2001 that Egemo, now 37, found a doctor who could tell her what her problem was and how to treat it. Egemo's condition is called sleep-related eating disorder (SRED), and it's one of two night eating problems that doctors are just beginning to take seriously. The other is night eating syndrome (NES), in which patients wake multiple times during the night and are unable to fall asleep unless they eat something. Although the two differ in some important ways - most notably, whether the person is conscious or not - they share some similarities. (…) As conjunções unless e although, no segundo parágrafo, apresentam, respectivamente, as idéias de



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