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São Paulo UNESP 2004.1 1ª Fase Questão: 76 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 

TEXTO 1: Healthy eating tips – Action plan for life Millions of people make a resolution to lose weight and stop over eating after New Years. Thousands join health clubs and many more try desperate weight loss gimmicks to shed holiday pounds. Unfortunately, many people quit after the first week or two and maintain the weight gained from the holiday. Well there’s a better way. We offer healthy eating tips to help you keep the weight off. The problem is that most people think of weight loss as a temporary endeavor instead of a life long action plan. Any worthy thing in life requires effort and effort requires action on our part. Losing weight will not happen by taking some type of “miracle solution” but requires “real” action from us. Design an action plan for 6 months to a year of healthy eating and exercise. Several months into your action plan will change your habits for a lifetime so that you can continue to lose weight after 6 months. Contrary to popular belief, YOU are the most qualified person to create a diet and fitness plan because you know your eating habits better than anyone else. What goes into this action plan? Below are 5 tips to help you lose weight: (1) written diet plan (2) include foods you like (3) limit calorie consumption (4) give yourself a free day (5) include exercise in your plan (Extraído de http://mydietbuddy.com/healthy-eating-tips.htm.) Assinale a alternativa que completa corretamente as lacunas de cada uma das questões de números 75 a 77. People ................... weight loss is a temporary endeavor, ................... a life long action plan.



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