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Minas Gerais UFU 2012.2 1ª Fase Questão: 77 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 

The New Face of Rap: Young, Female and Ready to Blog
The confessional, sweet talk-rap style of Kitty Pryde and Kilo Kish ushers in a new era in hip hop

Two new Internet stars were born this month. Operating under the monikers Kitty Pryde and Kilo Kish, the two young women employ a sweet, sing-songy talk-rap style over synthy, provocative beats, and have gained their momentum more through Tumblr reblogs than YouTube views.
Both started their music careers on a whim: Kitty Pryde began rapping to entertain her friends; Kilo Kish would drop the odd rhyme or two over beers with her rapper roommate. “For the most part, my general attitude is that it’s just like, it’s funny. It’s fun for me. It’s a joke,” says Pryde. Kish may agree, as she says in an interview with Vibe: “I’m still just kidding around which is kind of the point.”
Their straightforward, intimate rhymes about everyday “girl” topics—feelings, relationships—are insightful and familiar. Pryde and Kish quickly garnered interest from young producers affiliated with champions of the DIY rap scene, and soon began putting out music that caught the eyes of critics, and gained them rapidly growing fanbases online.
While they both share similar origin stories and possess a penchant for rapping over ambient, trippy production, Kish is older, and her maturity is reflected in her songs. She’s helped along by the finesse and direction of The Super 3, a production duo associated with Odd Future, the popular L.A. hip hop collective that’s enjoyed a meteoric ascent from internet to mainstream fame over the past two years. Kish often feels at arm’s length from her music, and her online presence is more guarded than Pryde, who doesn’t seem to filter much. Kish answers fans’ questions and posts images of aspirational home décor. Pryde writes about her family, her boyfriends, her mall job, her insecurities, and agrees with Internet haters’ comments about herself.

Disponível em <http://entertainment.time.com>. Acesso em: 04 jul. 2012.

Sobre as duas cantoras, conclui-se, a partir da leitura do texto, que



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