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Rio de Janeiro UFRJ 2009.1 Questão: 9 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 


Lingua Franca

Offshore English

Without a doubt, English is the lingua franca of global business. But oddly, native speakers are at a disadvantage when it comes to brokering deals in their mother tongue. Foreign clients, confused by Anglophone colloquialisms, often prefer to work with other non-native speakers. In order to combat this trend, London’s Canning School teaches “offshore English” to future CEOs* looking to clean up their language when working abroad. Offshore English consists of 1,500 or so of the most common English words. It emerged in the 1990s as European and Asian firms saw their international fortunes rise, and it’s proved a hit at Canning, where offshore- English course enrollment has doubled in the past decade. So what do these classes teach? Mainly, what to avoid: no idioms (say “make every possible effort” instead of “pull out all the stops”). […] Use Latin-based words (“obtain”) instead of those with Germanic roots (“get”). By the end of class, your vocabulary may be poorer, but your company’s prospects will be all the wealthier.

Responda em inglês.

Transcreva do texto um marcador discursivo e uma expressão verbal que denotam finalidade/objetivo.

• In order to.
• Looking to.



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