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Rio de Janeiro UFRJ 2008.1 Questão: 8 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 


A decade ago, the globalization of commerce promised to be a boon to low-wage workers in developing nations. As wealthy nations shed millions of jobs making apparel, electronics, and other goods, economists predicted that low-skilled workers in Latin America and Asia would benefit because there would be greater demand for their labor – and better wages.

In some ways, globalization delivered as promised. But there was an unexpected consequence. As trade, foreign investment and technology have spread, the gap between economic haves and have-nots has frequently widened, not only in wealthy countries like the U.S. but in poorer ones like Mexico, Argentina, India and China as well. Many economists now say that the biggest winners by far are those with the education and skills to take advantage of new opportunities, leaving many lagging far behind. Incomes of low-skilled workers may rise, but incomes of skilled workers rise a lot faster.

(http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/display.article?id=9250, access on Sep. 8, 2007)



Que situação não prevista o processo de globalização acabou gerando? (Responda em português)

O processo de globalização não previu o aumento da distância, em termos econômicos, entre trabalhadores qualificados e os não qualificados.



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