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Aid With Less Baggage


The last thing you’d probably expect to see a Malawian drought victim do is whip out her ATM card and pull cash out of a machine. But that’s exactly how some aid recipients in this beleaguered African nation now receive their monthly entitlements. […]

It’s a novel development idea that’s catching on around the world. Until recently, most of the world’s relief aid came in the form of material goods like food, water, blankets, medicines or building materials, delivered by international staff that parachute into disaster areas, or local NGOs funded by rich donors. But in recent years, as the nonprofit world has increasingly come under fire for inefficiency, mismanagement and even corruption, there has been a push for new strategies. Cash aid, which has been delivered to about 100,000 aid recipients in countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Ethiopia via pilot programs, is one of them.

The idea behind cash aid is to cut the cost of aid delivery, reduce opportunities for corruption and theft of goods, and empower aid recipients by giving them more control over their own well-being. […]

(Newsweek, June 11, 2007: 35.)



No que diz respeito à maneira como a ajuda humanitária internacional é implementada, explicite: (Responda em português)

a) o procedimento convencional;


b) o procedimento inovador.

a) O procedimento convencional é a distribuição de bens de primeira necessidade.

b) O procedimento inovador é a ajuda em dinheiro.



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