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Pollution Solution

Two researchers at the United Nations University argue that combating cyberpollution will require more than aggressive computer recycling programs, such as those mandated by the European Union. A new book, Computers and the Environment (see www.it-environment.org/compenv.html), edited by physical scientist Eric Williams and political scientist Ruediger Kuehr, proposes a simpler solution: convincing consumers to hang on to and upgrade computers they already own.

Upgrading makes more sense than recycling, because the process of manufacturing just one desktop computer with a 17-inch monitor consumes 530 pounds of fossil fuels, 50 pounds of chemicals, and more than 3 tons of water. Multiply those by the more than 130 million computers sold each year worldwide, and buying a new machine simply to use e-mail, the Web, and other general office applications is unnecessary, the researchers argue. It’s far more affordable, and environmentally friendly, to upgrade an existing machine – if you can overcome that “got to have it” attitude. - Jennifer L. Rich

(Foreign Policy, Sep. / Oct., 2004: 92)

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Quais são as duas vantagens que essa proposta traz?

A proposta traz vantagens econômicas e ambientais.



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