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Uncommon Enterprise June/July 2004

Breaking up is Easy to Do
by Shannon Scully

Happily married husband and wife team Deanna and Ren Thompson are in the business of breaking hearts – nicely. With services that start at $15 a pop, the Thompsons will contact your no-longer-beloved and do your dirty work of calling it quits. “We realized that there are a million sites that get people together,” says Deanna, who met Ren online. “But there aren’t any that get them apart.”

Through a personal phone call and customized letter, the owners of BreakUpService.com (http://www.BreakUpService.com) will explain to your former heartthrob what went wrong in the relationship. Their service is a meant-to-be for those who fear commitment, don’t like uncomfortable conversations or want to send a very direct message to someone who just won’t get the picture.

(http://www.mybusinessmag.com, access on Sep. 17, 2004)

Responda em português.

Qual é o serviço prestado pelo casal Thompson?

O casal Thompson desfaz, com cordialidade, relacionamentos amorosos a pedido de uma das partes.



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