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Rio de Janeiro UFRJ 2002.1 Questão: 5 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 


Trecho 1

Students vote to ban revealing tops

Late last year, several universities and institutes in UZBEKISTAN banned miniskirts, bare navels, and “tops that reveal the absence of a bra” – i.e., that show nipples. Students, rather than staff, imposed the dress code at the National University of Uzbekistan, the country’s most prominent university. Apparently, conservative students had complained that “provocative” clothes distracted them from listening to lectures.

Trecho 2

Britney backlash
is a boon for school uniforms

Dress codes for high-school students are nothing new in the U.S.: Twiggy’s miniskirts were banned in the ‘60s, and Farrah’s clogs in the ‘70s. But the influence of Britney Spears on today’s preteen girls has spurred schools to start dress codes earlier, and make them far stricter. At Chicago’s Marquardt Middle School, for example, students can be suspended for wearing Spears-style low-rider pants, and tops must be long enough to tuck in. Yet students at Marquardt have more freedom than most of their peers: 80 percent of public-school students in Chicago now wear mandated school uniforms, usually a variation on navy blue gabardine pants, suits, and dresses worn with yellow, white, or light blue shirts and blouses. The Supreme Court is unlikely to weigh in on school dress codes – anything a school contends creates a better learning environment is OK by the law.

(MARIE CLAIRE, August, 2001:56,61)

Responda em português

De quem se originou tal decisão:

a) no Uzbequistão?

b) em Chicago?

a) Originou-se dos próprios estudantes.
b) Originou-se da instituição.



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