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Last year, an international archaeological team reported the discovery of Heraklieon, a water-covered Egyptian city near the mouth of the Nile River that disappeared, either through floods or earthquakes, more than 1,000 years ago. Led by French archaeologist Franck
Goddio, the team revealed its latest findings in June, the most startling of which included a statue of the Nile River goddess, Hapi, and stone tablets announcing tariffs on Greek trade goods.

“We have found the famous Temple of Heracles-Khonsu,” Goddio announced, citing the statue of Hapi as proof of the discovery. The site is renowned in legend as the place where Hercules once changed the course of the Nile. An accompanying pair of statues, of a pharaoh and queen, turned up broken where they had fallen inside a pink granite shrine dedicated to the town’s mythological patron.

The stone tablets, or stelae, confirm the city as Heraklieon.

(USA TODAY, June 28, 2001:8d)

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Transcribe the expression used to refer to “Hercules”.



The town’s mythological patron.



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