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$3 billion too much
for one smoker’s choice

I find it very difficult to believe that a jury could award – a better word would be “reward” – a person $3 billion for choosing to smoke (“Jury orders Philip Morris to pay record $3B to ill smoker,” News, Thursday).

When I was 10 years old, I recall reading a label on a pack of cigarettes advising that cigarette smoking could be hazardous to one’s health.

I can’t understand why an individual should be awarded all of that money for making such a terrible choice.

Philip Morris and other tobacco companies haven’t forced their product on anyone, yet they are always depicted as the villains. I am not saying they are above reproach on the issue of smoking, but holding them completely accountable for one person’s choice is ridiculous.

I think that a far more responsible solution to all of these frivolous lawsuits is to have the tobacco companies sharein the cost of health care that has arisen because of the product they have made available.

This would certainly benefit far more Americans and stop the wasting of money in the courts and on attorneys.

Stephen Chesser.
Lynn, Mass.

(USA TODAY, Mon., June 11, 2001:11A)

Responda em português.

A que decisão judicial o texto faz referência?

A decisão de obrigar uma companhia de cigarro (Philip Morris) a pagar 3 bilhões de dólares a um fumante (como indenização) por danos causados à saúde.



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