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06:42 PM on April 23, 2008

I haven't been able to come to terms with all of the lying that happens on the internet.
I have sons that spend a great deal of time on MySpace and FaceBook. I was looking at one of their profiles and a great deal of the info. on there was a lie. I asked him about it and he said that it was OK because everyone lied a little on MySpace. He is a young man of great character, and this does not represent his normal behaviour.
I understand that giving out personal information over the internet is not wise. Some lies are told to cover the true identity of the person communicating. But how many? And when is it enough? Which lies are acceptable? Which are not?
It seems like this constant acceptance of lying over the internet can desensitize one, to the point that lying in general, is more acceptable in one's daily life.
I have not been able to get past this and think it will not have a positive effect on the younger generation.

Disponível em: <http://bigthink.com/montelinn/why-is-lying-on-theinternet-considered-not-as-offensive-as-lying-in-general>. Acesso em: 30 set. 2009. [Adaptado].

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