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Rio de Janeiro UERJ 2014.2 Questão: 95 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 

Leia, agora, um fragmento do mesmo romance, If today be sweet, para responder às questões de 05 a 10. Neste fragmento, os leitores têm acesso aos sentimentos e pensamentos do filho de Tehmina, Sorab, a respeito da esposa (Susan, uma americana), da mãe, da infância em Bombaim e da vida como imigrante na América do Norte.

Sorab felt the familiar rush of heat in the back of his neck that he felt each time Susan said something critical of Tehmina. He heard the frustration in his wife’s voice, but behind his eyes there was another, older image - of his mother bent over the kitchen counter chopping onions, her face flushed from the steam from the pressure cooker and the sting of the onions. Do you realize that my mother spent - wasted - her entire youth cooking and taking care of five other people? he wanted to say to Susan. (...) 

It’s just that ... there are some things, some thoughts so elusive that they wiggle like fish out of the web of words. Some differences were so great that they were beyond language, beyond explanation. How envious Susan had been when he had first told her that his mother had always had servants. That the fisherwoman and the newspaper boy and the baker and the butcher all made their morning rounds to the house, delivering their wares. How easy, how luxurious Susan had imagined his mother’s life to be. And yet that‘s not how he remembered her life, at all. What he remembered of his childhood was a blur of ringing doorbells and raised voices and his mother’s tired, flushed face and the complaints of neighbors and the haggling with the vendors and the arguments with the servants and the chain of unexpected visitors and demanding relatives who dropped in without calling first. And somehow, like the conductor of a mad orchestra, his mother had to manage it all (...). He had never asked and his mother had never said, but Sorab knew that Tehmina would have willingly traded in the servants and the vendors who came to her door for a dishwasher that didn’t complain, a vacuum cleaner that didn’t ask for a raise, a supermarket where the prices were fixed, a clothes dryer that didn’t talk back, a food processor that chopped onions without leaving a trail of tears in its wake.

He looked at Susan, trying so hard to understand him, and he felt the gap between them as enormous as the distance between Bombay and Ohio. How to explain to his wife the rift that opened up in his heart each time there was a conflict between the two women he loved most in the world? How to describe to her his first few years in America, when he had felt that rootlessness that only immigrants feel, so that he felt as if his head was touching the skies of America while his feet were rooted in Bombay, as if he was straddling two continents. (...) Sorab wanted to tell Susan about how, for years, he had longed for his life to be seamless, how he yearned to have all his loved ones under the same roof. And how, after his mother and father began to visit him in Ohio, he had finally felt whole, complete, seamless.

If today be sweet. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2007.


Por meio do narrador, os sentimentos e pensamentos de Sorab são apresentados aos leitores. Retire do primeiro parágrafo, em inglês, o fragmento que indica como os sentimentos do personagem se manifestam fisicamente. Em seguida, traduza a pergunta que ele pensou em fazer a sua esposa.

Sorab felt the familiar rush of heat in the back of his neck

Você percebe que minha mãe gastou − desperdiçou − toda a juventude cozinhando e cuidando de outras cinco pessoas?



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