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Rio de Janeiro UERJ 2005.2 1ª Fase Questão: 17 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 




Com base no texto abaixo, responda às questões de números 16 a 19.


Heart, mind, body and soul, or words to that effect, appear in the climatic scenes of nearly every romance novel, and for good reason. Those words suggest the four levels of fulfillment every reader of romance fiction wants to share with the heroine of the book. A reader of romance fiction is demanding. She buys books with certain definite expectations. She knows the difference between love and lust, and will not settle for the latter without the former. She wants the heroine to be rewarded for virtue, patience and determination. The reward, of course, is the undying love of the hero. There must be a linking of two hearts, unity of two minds, fulfillment of two bodies and the cosmic melding of two souls. To satisfy a reader of romance fiction, the writer must make the seduction complete. Writers of the best romance novels know how to seduce both the heroine and the reader. After reading a great romance, the reader should be satisfied, fulfilled, and ready to search bookstore shelves for more offerings from the same writer. That is a magical and mutually rewarding form of love between writer and reader. How can a writer seduce a reader? The same way she seduces the hero and heroine of her novel. She appeals to heart, mind, body and soul. She first wins the reader’s heart with appealing characters with whom the reader can identify and empathize. Good romantic heroes and heroines must never be too perfect. A battle scar, a light limp, hair that is an untamable mass of curls, or any other minor flaw will make the character more relatable, more lovable. Totally virtuous characters are more annoying than endearing. A touch of pride, stubbornness, or mischief will enliven the hero and heroine and make them more acceptable to the reader’s discerning heart. It would be wise for a writer to consider that if a reader shows the good judgment to buy her book, that same reader deserves a fresh plot, logical conclusions and something to stimulate her imagination. Writers of historical romances must be meticulously accurate. Gothic writers have to make sure their mysteries are plausible. Good writers carefully season their stories with interesting facts to provide texture and a feeling of authenticity to their stories. Readers want to be enlightened. A reader knows when an author has really gotten to her. Her body responds. Goose bumps, shivers up her spine, warm feelings deep inside, laughter or even smiles, are physical evidence of the effect
of a story on the reader. These reactions are not easily measurable, but they are essential to the seduction of the reader. If the writer finds herself wiping away a few tears when writing, or occasionally finds herself a bit over stimulated and flushed, it is safe to assume the reader’s body will respond in a similar manner. What could be more fulfilling than a book that caresses the reader with love, wit, sensuality and a feeling of goodness? A romance novel that combines those elements will seduce the reader from the first chapter to the last, leaving her satisfied, but wanting more.


In the fourth paragraph, the author describes how to seduce readers. This is best expressed in the following statement:






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