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                                          The Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill on the U.S.

Although the oil has been pouring into
the Gulf of Mexico for months, the
consequences of this larger than ever
environmental disaster have yet to be fully
examined and determined. Scientists and
researchers have started to put together some
of the puzzle pieces, and the impact of the
Deepwater Horizon oil spill are likely
to be big.
North Americans will have fewer choices
on the store shelves. The Gulf of Mexico is
a huge shipping lane through which products
of all shapes and sizes come into North America. From toys to clothes to cars to building
materials, you may find that the selection at your local store begins to shrink as shipping lanes
slow down as a result of the oil spill.
Whether you’re taking a vacation or hoping to walk along the shore, you may be disappointed.
Many beaches in the U.S.A. are now closing as clean-up efforts on removing oil slick from the
sands. But the impact may be felt for quite some time as oil continues to wash up on shore.
Many wildlife animals will be impacted by the oil spill. Oiled birds, otter, bald eagles,
pelicans, turtles, fish, and dolphins are already washing up on shore, making the beach sights
less than palatable for someone looking to see some pristine nature.
Over time, molluscs like clams incorporate calcium into their shells throughout their
lifetimes. But the heavy metals like nickel and vanadium from the petroleum industry and
the resulting oil spill may be incorporated into the shells of these creatures. As other wildlife
consumes these clams, they incorporate the toxins into their bodies, and on it goes as the heavy
metals bio-accumulate in the food chain. This could have serious, long-term consequences for
human health.
Environmentalists have been working on restoring the populations of oysters by reseeding
certain reefs to boost their numbers. The Gulf of Mexico has been home-working on some of
these projects, but with the massive oil spilling into that environment, the oysters could soon
become tainted with chemicals, making them unsafe to eat.
The Gulf of Mexico is also a nursery for species like shrimp that grow up in the estuaries.
The oil that is taking over this natural environment will choke out the plants that make the
estuaries so nutritious to shrimp.
According to the National Weather Service, a hurricane like Hurricane Katrina could have
a devastating impact on New Orleans. Researchers expect 15 named storms to develop into 8
hurricanes, and with a well-placed hurricane, the oil could be pushed onto New Orleans shores,
further impacting the already devastated region.

                                                                                                      Adapted from http://www.thenewecologist.com (21/06/2010)

The conjunction “although”, in the first paragraph, can be replaced by all the alternatives EXCEPT



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