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Literacy in Brazil


The statistics for educational exclusion in Brazil are staggering. Of a total population of about 184 million (of whom 62% are aged under 29) there are 65 million young people and adults aged 15 or over who have not completed primary education. Of these 65 million:


• 33 million are functionally illiterate and have not even completed 4th grade;
• 14.6 million are completely illiterate.


In the 15 to 24 year age bracket - an important age-group that will provide the future critical mass of the country -19 million people have not finished primary education and almost three million are completely illiterate. These numbers illustrate the need to rescue the idea of education as a right of all young people and adults who have been excluded from the education system. Although Brazil has made significant progress in the field of education, especially in adult and youth education, the Brazilian government recognises there is still much to do, particularly in confronting a range of interrelated illiteracies: in education, culture, politics and citizenship. The Ministry of Education organises its action strategy by giving priority to the articulation between social and educational inclusion and literacy. In addition to being a right, the articulation between literacy and programme of social inclusion is strategic and re-defines the horizons of citizenship. Links within the federal sphere and also with local state and municipal programmes and links between literacy and the income transfer programme (Bolsa Família) permit an important focus on those living in extreme poverty. The literacy and adult and youth education agendas form the structural base of inclusion. The articulation with vocational courses expresses the role of literacy as the gateway to inclusion and citizenship.


Disponível em: <http://www.nrdc.org.uk/content.asp?CategoryID=1033>. Acesso em: 8 set. 2009. (Adaptado).

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