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Goiás UEG 2006.2 1ª Fase Questão: 16 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 

Leia atentamente os textos 3 (um poema) e 4 (uma canção).

                            Harold Monro
1   Is there no pledge to make at once with Earth
2   While yet we have not murdered all her trees;
3   Before it is too late for oath or pledge;
4   While yet man may be happy in his birth –
5   Before we have to fall upon our knees,
6   Clinging for safety to her farthest edge?
7   It is not very noble that we kill
8   Her lions and tigers, all. Is that our reign? –
9   Then let us build ourselves on earth again.
10  What is the human will?
11  Is it so clearly better than the ant’s?
12  And is our life more holy than the plants’?
13  They do fulfill their purpose every year,
14  And bring no pain, nor fear.

Disponível em: <http://rpo.library.utoronto.ca/poem/3025.html>. Acesso em: 10 maio 2006. [Adaptado].

                          Brian May, Freddie Mercury
1   Just think of all those hungry mouths we have to feed
2   Take a look at all the suffering we breed
3   So many lonely faces scattered all around
4   Searching for what they need.
5   Is this the world we created…?
6   What did we do it for
7   Is this the world we invaded
8   Against the law
9   So it seems in the end
10  Is this what we’re all living for today
11  The world that we created
12  We know that everyday a helpless child is born
13  Who needs some loving care inside a happy home
14  Somewhere a wealthy man is sitting on his throne
15  Waiting for life to go by.
16  Wooh, is this the world we created…?
17  We made it all our own
18  Is this the world we devastated, right to the bone
19  If there’s a God in the sky looking down
20  What can he think of what we’ve done
21  To the world that he created.

Disponível em: <http://www.queenwords.com/lyrics/songs/sng13_09.shtml> Acesso em: 10 maio 2006.

Relacionando os conteúdos dos textos 3 e 4, é CORRETO afirmar que



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