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How do I get paid?

All money generated by click throughs or customers signing on with a program are fed into a database on the affiliated advertisers site and tallied automatically (1). The affiliated advertiser transfers, wires, mails the any money earned once an amount of $50 or more has been collected.

I only want certain types of ads on my site

With most affiliate advertisers you can determine exactly what kinds of ads appear on your site. The upside is you have more control, the down side is it is more labor intensive managing the ads. When an ad is automatically generated, as is the case with Google AdSence, the nature of the ad depends on the content of your page where (2) the ad is located. This means you have little or no control over the contents of the ads other than the content of your web page.

It must (3) be hard to put the ads or banners up on the site

In most cases it is a matter of cutting (4) the advertising code from the affiliated advertisers site and paste into (5) your web page. No messing with images or writing copy for the advertisments.

Adapted from: www.bannermadness.com/articles.php Accessed on: March 25th, 2012.

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