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Since the dawn of the jet Age worldwide business travel has become a way of life for thousands of executives and managers of companies throughout the world. This in turn has created a big modern-day industry known as Corporate travel Management. These companies use the term “Performance Improvement” which refers to improvements in efficiency which lead to greater productivity and reduced costs. They simplify the hassle of business travel, saving the travelers time and their companies money. In their capacity as travel consultants they do a lot more than make airline reservations and book hotel rooms. They work with companies to develop high-quality, cost-effective travel management programs. Example of this are: – to evaluate current travel policies making sure they meet business travel needs in as efficient and cost-effective manner as possible. When indicated, changes are recommended. If a company does not have a travel policy they help to design one to meet specific needs. – They train a company’s employees to minimize the time and effort required to make reservations and assure that they take advantage of all available cost-saving opportunities. – They analyze current travel expenses to identify additional cost-saving opportunities. Once they have pinpointed areas of improvement, they suggest ways to help manage and control travel costs. – In effect these travel management companies become a part of the employer’s team. They make sure that the employer has control over all aspects of business travel. It is this control which is the aforementioned “Performance Improvement” and it’s what they do firstand what they do best.

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