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Bad Manners, Bad Business

Knowing etiquette is becoming more important because these rules help guide us through many different situations. All of us can attest to situations in which, if we had known what to do, it could have saved us embarrassment or even a job. A famous story is a business dinner, where the saleswoman invited her very sophisticated client and his wife to dinner to celebrate the signing of a contract. The owner of the company insisted on going to the dinner with the saleswoman. The saleswoman watched her commission dissipate while her boss used some four-letter words in his speech and used the table cloth to wipe his mouth. The day after the contract was rescinded. The boss was so  embarrassed that he compensated for his lack of sophistication with actions that were totally wide of the mark. As a consequence, he blew an excellent opportunity, destroyed the image of his company and threw away the saleswoman’s commission. If he had possessed some etiquette skills, all of this could have been avoided and everyone could have enjoyed a pleasant evening, strengthening a business relationship.

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