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Rio Grande do Sul Puc-RS 2014.2 Questão: 52 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 






Candy Crush Saga: ‘70% of the people on the last level haven’t paid anything’

  1. King’s games guru is Tommy Palm, on the game that’s
  2. being played 700m times a day on smartphones and tablets!

  3. Candy Crush Saga has become a craze on Facebook,
  4. iOS and Android alike.

  5. The key stat is right there in the headline: seven in ten
  6. people who’ve reached the last level of wildly-popular
  7. mobile game Candy Crush Saga haven’t spent any money
  8. on in-app purchases.

  9. This may come as a surprise. Hardcore gamers (and a fair
  10. few developers) often attack King’s puzzler as the epitome
  11. of dreadful, money-sucking freemium gaming, exploiting
  12. people too stupid to realise they’re being exploited.

  13. It’s gaming snobbery of the worst kind, and not because
  14. Candy Crush doesn’t sometimes feel over-aggressive
  15. in the way its difficulty curve nudges players towards
  16. in-app purchases – it sometimes does – but because it’s
  17. based on a view of casual gamers as little more than lab
  18. rats, tapping buy-buttons when commanded rather than
  19. seeking “proper” games elsewhere.

  20. As a player, I ducked out of Candy Crush Saga when I hit
  21. my personal ceiling of fun versus payment. As a journalist,
  22. though, I feel like defending the game against its fiercer
  23. critics, who seem to think its players are incapable of
  24. making similar decisions.


According to the third and fourth paragraphs, what may come as a surprise?







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