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Rio Grande do Sul Puc-RS 2013.2 Questão: 59 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 

INSTRUCTION: Answer questions 56 to 60 in relation to text 2. 


Chinese thirst for formula spurs rationing
By Amie Tsang, Louise Lucas and Neil Hume,

  1. Supermarkets as far afield _______ the UK and
  2. Australia have been forced to ration infant formula
  3. due to rampant Chinese demand for foreign-made
  4. baby milk. Mainland Chinese buyers have been
  5. snapping up cans of formula across the globe following
  6. safety scandals in the domestic market, starting with
  7. the melamine-spiked milk of 2008 that killed six babies
  8. and left 300,000 sick.
  9. Voracious demand for overseas-manufactured
  10. formula – Chinese babies are expected to slurp
  11. their way through $14.5bn worth of milk powder this
  12. year – has prompted a wave of smuggling rings and
  13. entrepreneurial escapades: cans are available online
  14. for Rmb150-Rmb200 ($24-$32).
  15. Production of formula is _______ under pressure,
  16. as a severe drought in New Zealand – the biggest
  17. provider in the global dairy trade – forces up the cost
  18. of raw milk powder. The New Zealand price, a proxy
  19. for Asia-Pacific, was 30 per cent higher month-onmonth
  20. in March. The frenzy for formula has forced
  21. governments to step in. Hong Kong, ________
  22. shelves of formula are regularly cleared by mainland
  23. visitors, introduced curbs at customs in February.

Adapted from Financial Times June 22nd 2013, from the Internet edition


bn = billion
Rmb = Ren Min Bi (The official currency of China)

The approximate translation for the expression “snap up”, according to its usage in the passage “Mainland Chinese buyers have been snapping up cans of formula ...” (lines 04-05), is



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