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Rio Grande do Sul Puc-RS 2012.1 Questão: 56 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 

INSTRUCTION: Answer questions 56 to 60 in relation to text 2. 


  1. The symbols, the memory and the history of the
  2. Olympic Games are an important legacy, since the
  3. material things created strengthen the image of the
  4. event in the local population’s memory, along with the
  5. memory of viewers everywhere who have watched the
  6. competitions. They also represent a source of income
  7. as they are goods sold during the event.
  8. One of the most effective ways to ensure that the host
  9. city will get the legacy of the Olympic Games is to
  10. have the population participate in planning the work
  11. to be done. It is the very community who knows what
  12. a neighborhood needs, in terms of facilities, and how
  13. these can be of use after the event. The best legacy is
  14. the one that is incorporated into the life of and brings
  15. benefi ts to the community. The organization process
  16. shared with the community may give the legacy a
  17. meaningful dimension. Learning how to discuss the
  18. needs of the community, democratically facing the
  19. differences in interests, and gathering partnerships for
  20. the viability of projects are unique experiences which
  21. can alter the relationship of the population with their
  22. politicians in a dramatic way.

RUBIO, K. & MESQUITA, R. M. (2011) Olympic Studies and Olympism - the Brazilian and the International Scenarios. EDIPUCRS, p.171.

From the text, one understands the writer has a ________ opinion about a country hosting the Olympic Games.



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