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Rio Grande do Sul Puc-RS 2011.2 Questão: 54 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 

INSTRUCTION: Answer questions 51 to 55 according to text 1. 


  1. Nobody likes to feel impotent when facing facts.
  2. But according to many psychologists, those who do
  3. not want or do not know how to use power go far beyond
  4. a disagreeable and temporary sensation: they condemn
  5. themselves to a life of frustrations.
  6. What is not lacking in our society are theories and
  7. methods to teach us how to be more assertive and
  8. how to be more powerful. However, as any order-giver
  9. knows and is tired of hearing, power brings many
  10. problems with it. To understand these, it is enough to
  11. take into consideration that exercising power results
  12. in notable psychological changes, such as evaluating
  13. others much more unfavorably when they are regarded
  14. as manipulable. When we have managed to have others
  15. do what we want, regardless of how praiseworthy and
  16. efficient their behavior has been, we tend to attribute
  17. the success to the excellence of our orders, and not
  18. to their skills and motivations.

(Source: Icaro, In Flight Magazine)

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