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Paraná Puc-PR 2014.1 Questão: 60 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 




Read the following excerpt of a letter:

“Dear Mr. Fritz:
This is to inform you that your certificate of deposit, account number 92-734-123, will mature on August 14. The current value of your account is $10, 191, 63, with an interest rate of 2.5 percent until maturity. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will automatically renew your certificate of deposit for another year at the then prevailing interest rate. […]”

Source: LOUGHEED, Lin. Longman Preparation Series for the New TOEIC Test. Advanced Course. 4th ed. White Plains, NY: Pearson Education, 2007, p. 200.

Based on the text given, it is possible to say that the letter is addressed to:






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