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Read the movie review and answer the following question:

The Smurfs 2

Review: While the initial Smurfs flick was set in New York, this one takes a continental turn and shifts the scene to Paris, where the irrepressible Gargamel needs something called 'Smurf Essence', which he uses as part of his magician's act. So, he sends out one of his Naughties called Vexy to kidnap Smurfette via an inter-dimensional portal he has opened. He believes that Smurfette is a key ingredient in his quest for world domination. The fact that Smurfette is herself feeling a little blue, so to speak, because the whole village has forgotten her birthday (or so she thinks) doesn't help matters.

Source: <http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/moviereviews/english/The-Smurfs-2/movie-review/21525794.cms>

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