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Paraná Puc-PR 2013.1 Questão: 69 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 




Read the text and answer questions 69 and 70.

What a washout! It's been the wettest summer for 100 years

The washout summer has been the wettest for a century, according to new figures. The last time England and Wales had more rain between June and August was 1912. A total of 14.25in (362mm) fell over the three-month period, according to Meteogroup. Forecaster Nick Prebble said the summer was set to be the fourth wettest since records began in 1727. This June was the wettest since 1860, had the least sunshine since 1909 and was the coldest since 1991. Mr Prebble said: "June was wet, dull and cold. It was pretty relentless low pressure, very unsettled weather and a thoroughly miserable month. "July wasn't as wet as June but it was still wetter than average. "We haven't quite got to the end of August yet but we're expecting rainfall to be a few millimetres above the average." MeteoGroup said 14.06in (357mm) of rain had fallen in Scotland during the summer so far, compared with an average of 11.42in (290mm).

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/weather-its-been-the-wettestsummer- 1288928

Choose the alternative that is TRUE based on the text.






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