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São Paulo MACKENZIE 2012.2 Questão: 16 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 

Dude Is a Rock Star

Gustavo Dudamel is the Elvis of the orchestra world, and he has the sold-out concerts to prove it. Meet the L.A. Philharmonic conductor who’s bridging the generation gap – and saving classical music. By Chris Lee Meet the maestro called the savior of classical music. “The Dude,”  as he’s come to be known, is widely hailed as “the rock-star conductor,” the classical world’s answer to Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson. The __( I )__ conductor is  a __( II )__ figure in symphonic music, whose  cultural influence belies his relatively young 31 years. With his __( III )__ mane of corkscrew curls, ecstatic podium presence, and unabashedly __( IV )__ interpretations of __( V  )__ orchestral works, Dudamel has pág. 13 Prova Tipo A  nleashed a flood of new interest in classical music, bridging the generation  gap between pension-age high-culture appreciators and younger listeners. And the show is just beginning. “The Mahler Project is immense,” says Deborah Borda, president and chief executive of  the L.A. Phil. “When  we planned it, I don’t think the two of us completely took in how big it would turn out to  be.” It is the kind of bar-raising command performance  hat audiences have come to expect from the Venezuelan wunderkind – a musician who, whether taking on a Sibelius violin concerto or a Strauss symphony, makes a  policy of raising the roof whenever he performs.  The grueling project also underscores Dudamel’s commitment to El Sistema – “The System” – Venezuela’s tough-love musical-outreach program for youth that made the  conductor what he is and still counts him as its most forward face. “An orchestra is a model for an ideal global society – a symbol,” he says in his heavily accented English. “You have to create harmony. Everyone has to   listen to each other, this large, complex group of people with different personalities that has to communicate. You have to have discipline. This is where The System works! The point is not to build better musicians. It’s to build better citizens, to see children building their lives from music.”


The adjectives that properly fill in blanks I, II, III, IV and V, in the text, are:



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