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São Paulo ESPM 2010.2 Questão: 50 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 




Texto adaptado para as questões 49 e 50.

The US President and first lady asked Americans to volunteer – informally and through the new Serve America Act, which will take effect on Oct. 1. There are many ways to help, but most important, the Obamas have simply said, “Get involved!” Volunteerism is a thread that runs throughout the US’s history. But even with the White House call to action, this thread is beginning to fray. According to a report from the National Conference on Citizenship, in the midst of the recession 72 percent of Americans have cut back on civic participation, which includes the time spent volunteering. Having led teams of employees for decades, I’ve long subscribed to the idea of “servant leadership.” It’s a simple idea that recognizes that good leaders should serve their followers, not the other way around. Companies now have a great opportunity to take this spirit of servitude beyond their corporate walls and into their communities.

By Irene Rosenfeld
Newsweek, September 21, 2009

According to the text, which alternative is an example of “servant leadership”:






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