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Jackie Chan replaces missing Hollywood hand prints

Jackie Chan has left imprints of his hands and feet in cement at Hollywood's Chinese Theatre for a second time – after his previous prints were lost.
Film star Chan, 59, whose career has spanned 40 years, first left imprints in the theatre forecourt in 1997. But the cement slab featuring Chan's prints has since disappeared. "Twelve years ago I did the handprint, but somebody stole it. That's the second time”, said Chan, on Thursday. "I really want to thank you." However, representatives at the newly named TCL Chinese Theatre, previously known as Grauman's Chinese Theatre, said they did not know when the prints vanished but were sure that the slab was not stolen. Slabs are changed often to make room for new entries in the collection. Chan told fans that he had first dreamed of having his prints in cement at the theatre when he was invited to a ceremony featuring Sylvester Stallone in 1993. Disponível em:<http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainmentarts-22813701>. Acesso em: junho de 2013.

1. Based on the reading select the correct alternatives:

I. It is the first time Jackie Chan leaves his prints in Hollywood.

II. Chan is 59 years old. He has been an actor for 40 years.

III. Representatives at the newly named TCL Chinese Theatre believe the slab was stolen.

IV. Chan first dreamed of having his prints in Hollywood when He saw Sylvester Stallone’s ceremony.






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