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Rio de Janeiro EsPCEx 2011.2 Questão: 36 Inglês Interpretação de Texto 




Life and the Movies

Joey Potter looked at her friend Dawson Leery and she smiled sadly.

“Life isn’t like a movie, Dawson,” she said. “We can’t write happy endings to all our relationships.” 

Joey was a pretty girl with long brown hair. Both Joey and Dawson were nearly sixteen years old. The two teenagers had problems. All teenagers have the same problems - life, love, school work, and parents. It isn’t easy to become an adult. 

Dawson loved movies. He had always loved movies. He took film classes in school. He made short movies himself. Dawson wanted to be a film director. His favorite director was Steven Spielberg. Dawson spent a lot of his free time filming with his video camera. He loved watching videos of
great movies from the past. Most evenings, he watched movies with Joey. 

“These days, Dawson always wants us to behave like people in movies,” Joey thought. And life in the little seaside town of Capeside wasn’t like the movies.

Joey looked at the handsome, blond boy who was sitting next to her. She thought about the years of their long friendship. They were best friends...

ANDERS, C. J. Retold by CORNISH, F. H. Dawson’s Creek. Shifting into overdrive. Oxford, Macmillan, 2005.

In the sentence “All teenagers have the same problems - life, love, school work, and parents”, the conjunction and indicates 






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